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Not to sound like a *****, but I wish people would stop coming in here with sob stories looking for a super secret quick fix to their past transgressions, misunderstandings, and lack of life among other things that don't exist. The quick fixes don't exist, the other things do. Bottom line is that the hiring process is designed to weed people out, not include everyone in. Unlike 5 years ago when everyone wanted to hire, it's slowed way down. Granted it is picking up, but agencies still have THEIR choice in candidates. Considering the hell Oakland is going through with the NSA and the fact people want to strip San Jose cops of everything except minimum wage, the field is kind of full with qualified candidates. Also, even with agencies like San Jose and Oakland bleeding people every month, they still have hiring standards they are going to try to adhere to so they don't have repeats of past mistakes, or atleast try to minimize past mistakes.

Bottom line, there is no quick fix. So if you have a back up plan, now would be a good time to institute it. If you don't, start developing one.
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