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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
Good luck getting that number past a jury. You know, a group of people that are expected to make a reasonable decision based upon the totality of the facts and circumstances. There may not be enough ALL OR NOTHING, MY WAY or the highway or “reasonable will NEVER factor into a second amendment decision” Cal Guns members in that pool…
Why do you think it would it go to a jury? And why do you think an adverse decision would not be appealed?

I mean; the guy has to have a loaded magazine and real body armor real body armor for a costume? Was it a prop or a tool to defend himself? Against what? The Green Lantern and Honey BooBoo two costumes over?
Irrelevant. Was the conduct unlawful or not?

Supporting this guy either as a group or as an individual just makes you look radical and foolish and turns the public against you and your cause. There go those gun nut jobs again!!!
The intent, here, is to educate law enforcement. We don't always get to pick the vehicle. You take the opportunities you can to do the most good possible.

Support this guy and you become lumped in with the whale chasers, PETA nut jobs and Westborough Baptist church nuts…..Yeah, they have a “right”, but they are so far out there that they erode support for the idea / cause in general.
I guess you should lump me in with those, then, too.

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