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Default Tribut to Ssgt. Martin

I had the opportunity to take some photos of my Grandfather's military memorabilia. Veterans Day is coming up so I thought I'd post a little tribute to him since it will probably be his last. His heart is slowly failing him.

Here'a pic of his Purple Heart and some of the shrapnel that he received it for.

From the stories Grandpa has told me, he was injured in France by a German mortar. He had a bunch of inexperienced soldiers under him. They came under fire by machine guns and a mortar. The new guys were so intimidated by the German guns that he couldn't rouse them to attack. So Grandpa and a buddy flanked and took out two of the machine gun nests with hand grenades. They jumped in a ditch to avoid mortar fire as they closed in on the mortar team. As Grandpa put his right hand on the side of the ditch to assist injumping out of it a mortar shell went off in front of him. Whether by pure luck or the grace of God it blew his hand in front of his face and shrapnel when everywhere except in his eyes. He still has shrapnel in him to this day, including a pea sized piece that went through his neck and missed doing spinal damage by a couple of mm.
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