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Originally Posted by m1a1driver View Post
I've been waiting over 2 years, since september 2010.... I recently gave the DAV power of attorney to figure out what is going on. Still havent got any appt's yet either.
Had DAV "started" mine, it had NO EFFECT on the process and still had to hand feed the VA every scrap of evidense on my own to the regional office through my local CA Vet Service Officer. The DAV also did not notice that my entire claim was completely derailed after the comp and pen appointments, months after the fact. I could have submitted the claim myself through my own VONAPP application myself and been no worst off.
I learned it's not enough to rely on anyone else but yourself in the process, and learn your own way through it, because nobody cares about you getting that check more than yourself.

I guess it depends how recently you started the process. If I were you and DAV coouldnt tell me something reassuring, I'd make sure you get set up with your local CA County Veteran Service Officer and have them do an inside inquiry to tell you whats going on/not going on, and ensure everything gets back on track if you have been waiting too long (a few months).
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