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Originally Posted by Lostsheep View Post
I have a lathe...

I am a little concerned that I might have a canted gas block. Does anyone know how to fix this? Step one is to try and exchange it but if not, how does one fix that?
You'll notice 2 flats on the receiver end of the barrel. A gas block that's been installed correctly will have the front sight pin parallel to the flats.

The flats are also vertical when the barrel is timed correctly to the receiver.

I've built 20 or so and have yet to see a canted front sight/gas block, as the barrels were correct (if you're using an actual FAL barrel) when they left the factory. If you're using a US barrel with an installed gas block, all bets may be off.

Fix would involve un-pinning the gas block, tig welding the gas port in the barrel closed, re-pinning the gasblock, and redrilling the gas port...major pita.

If you guys schedule a build party and need gage pins and headspace gages, pm me...I'd be happy to loan 'em but would need a 100% refundable deposit plus shipping. Based on thedrickel's posts here, getting him to show at a build party may definitely be worth large quantities of food, drink, gas money, etc.

Arga, spend more time on the FAL Files, search for timing and you'll see a picture of the hand-tightened triangle you're looking for before you put the wrench to her. Correct timing has to happen first, then you can check headspace and install the correct locking shoulder pin.

You can pm me if anything particular doesn't make sense, but be aware that the FAL Files is THE center of info.



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