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Originally Posted by richie3888 View Post
I'm writing a paper about how I believe stricter gun laws will not reduce the number of homicides in United States.

It's an argumentative paper.

I need help on key points and maybe some links to articles where they discuss this subject.

The key points I already have.
1. Not constitutional
2. Only law abiding citizens will follow the law.

I just need a couple more

IMHO, you should leave point #1 out of your paper. I don't think the constitutionality of the laws is relevant to whether they will reduce crime.

There's an analogy that's been posted on this site, that making gun laws stricter to reduce crime is like trying to stop people from speeding through a 25mph zone at 70 mph by lowering the speed limit to 15 mph. All it does is make life difficult for law abiding citizens.

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