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Originally Posted by deliverator View Post
Just got my C&R FFL in the mail today and want to put it to use. I currently have a pistol on layaway at the Fountain Valley Turners (Ruger SR22). I'm still within the 30 days from my last DROS.

Now that I have both my 03FFL and COE, I would like to start the DROS on the pistol I have on layaway.

Has anyone had any problems with Turners when trying to get the 1 in 30 exemption on handguns with a C&R FFL and COE?

Last time I asked one of the sales guys, he knew nothing about it.
did you try to speak with Jim (store manager)?

there's been lots of new people hired and many of them are still getting up to speed. they are even blocked access to calguns site from stores' computers...
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