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Originally Posted by Warhawk014 View Post
CDCr does have a warning shot policy. and up until last year it was not considered deadly force. but in order to use a warning shot the criteria for deadly force must be present for an officer to take that warning shot.
We do have policies regarding warning shots in the prison. These policies have been in place at least since the "Corcoran 8" incident. They are allowed in certain situations out in the yard, but there are signs posted in all chow halls, and buildings saying "no warning shots". This for the ricochet danger I believe. Warning shots are allowed for an incident outside in the yard, but are not required. It is up to the individual Correctional Officer to make the determination, act, and then articulate his/her reasons in the report.

In CDCR, we sometimes find ourselves outside the prison walls. I have been tasked with transporting inmates, searching for an escaped inmate, and more recently as an armed Parole Agent. Outside the prison walls, so basically anywhere in the community, CDCR employees are NOT authorized to fire warning shots.

Lastly, in CDCR policy the same circumstances that authorize the use of deadly force must be present in order to fire a warning shot.
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