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Didn't know the MMPI was considered to be something worthy of making a diagnosis from, I thought it was more a screening tool to determine potential issues with folks.

In any case I agree, it's best to see a therapist or shrink on your own.

Originally Posted by Paradiddle View Post
The MMPI is not a "casual" test. Read up on it - it was eye opening for me when I did some homework on it.

If it showed you as having PTSD then you must be unconsciously showing signs. That test has been around since 1939 and is the only test used for TS and/or other military evals, plus it's the only one admissible in court. It's a solid test - well vetted.

Did you actually get the results of your MMPI and take them to a therapist? That might be worth it - have someone actually review the results with you so you have a more clear indication of what is going on with you. The human brain is amazing at dealing with things and can easily "fool" you into thinking everything is okay.

I'm not saying you are or aren't suffering from PTSD, and I'm certainly not saying you are unfit to be a police officer. I think you owe it to yourself to find out what they are seeing.

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