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Default CMP Garands Turnaround

I got a call from the CMP today. I was told my order has been on hold since the 26th of last month due to a hold on my NICS check. A complete surprise to me as I have been buying firearms in Kalifornia all year with no problem. Customer service told me they wait 30 days from notification of the delay, then send me a package to get my fingerprints done at the local police station and send them with an appeal to the FBI (I guess). WTF! I was also told I could wait a couple of weeks and it may get released in that time, but the FBI does not tell them the reason for the delay. I came off a ten year restriction of not being able to own guns in Kalifornia for a misdemeanor that I regret, but it is in the past now. The minute it was over I was able to buy guns here. I have a letter from the DOJ saying I am eligible. Don't they do a NICS check when you buy a gun here? Crap!
Oh, and I missed out on two 6 million SN guns because of this. They are out.
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