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Originally Posted by tankerman View Post
Long Beach also has a very easy to use airport. OC/John Wayne is nice but expensive to fly into.

A weekend mabe be easiest, Socal members are so spread out and week day traffic is just so brutal.

Some place off the 210 maybe near Pasadena might be good. Gives easy access for folks from Riverside/San Berdo (since the 210 now goes all the way through), LA County and OC. Plenty of other freeway choices
+1 on the weekend. I've had dealings with several Calgunners, and they were from Ventura, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego, Orange County, and all over Los Angeles county. Assuming you want to start dinner at 7:00, there's no way people counld get to a central location during rush hour traffic during the week.
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