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Originally Posted by GLOCKINGRAT View Post
Been thinking of joining the military, after having the ok from my lady i was hoping some of you vets or in service men can tell me which branch has the best oppertunities and also trying to figure out if the gi pay will be enough for me amd my family? Is there any california national guards in here or national guards that have advice or can guide me?
If you join the Reserve/Guard and doing one weekend a month then the answer is HELL NO the money isn't enough to pay for anything.

If you want enough to take care of your family then you'll have to go active duty.

Well work opportunity wise the Army is the biggest. Now if you're concerned about work/family balance etc.... then Air Force is the only way to go. They'll take great care of you. Their deployment is like 3 month and getting extended is only one more month and it's some serious hardship. Plus if you're in a unique unit and you have to stay with the Army then you'll get special pay since the Army accommodations aren't up to Air Force standards.

The Navy has it's specialty and it's unique occupations.

Generally people do not enlist in the Marines for benefits, they only enlist to be a Marine.

Bottom line is choose a job in the branch that you will be happy in. Every job/branch has it's pros and cons.

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