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Thank you all for the informative and civil responses. Despite what some people seem to think, I am not Anti anything. While I did think that open carry was silly, I was a strong advocate for the right to do so. I get it, Calif. laws suck and someone needs to draw attention to that. Rifle carry; now that I do think is just wrong all around.

For the record, my questions never really were about his "right" to carry the rifle; I admitted that he did have the right to do so, I just think that it was about the stupidest thing I had ever heard of and I was curious if there was s a line (if any) that Cal Guns or gun owners collectively would draw. It's not the worst question in the world and I do think it deserves some thought and discussion.

After all, we as a community did approach that line in our responses (collectively and as an organization) to the open rifle carry. If I remember correctly, those discussions got pretty heated even among the supporters of normal “open carry”.

I try not o be “troll like”, but sometimes I do think that questions need to be asked. Sometimes we do get a bit herd like around here and that is not good for either the forum or the gun community at large. I NEVER just throw something out there for the fun of it or to JUST stir the pot. I try to only raise points that I BELIEVE have some validity.

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