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Originally Posted by geeknow View Post
Ammo Bros will be having a big Black Friday sale. Also, there will be 'door buster deals', from 7am-12noon on Black Friday. While I am not at liberty to disclose what, exactly, will be offered as door buster items, I know that your average Calgunner will definitely like them ;-)

what would be more successful - we beat it out of you or we bribe it out of you?

Originally Posted by geeknow View Post
Further, at the Cerritos location, there will also be a 'truck event'. This comes in the form of a tractor trailer, converted into a rolling showroom....stuffed full of firearms and firearm related goodness, brought in for you.

In years past, this has been a huge event. This year will be no different...maybe bigger, depending on today's election. I would recommend getting there early...and staying late!


Ammo Bros
if Obummer stays in office everything goes up in price... when Romney is elected everything is on (celebratory) sale!!!

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