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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
I am simply saying (possibly playing devils advocate and possibly because the question should be asked) that at what point do we say that someone did something so stupid, so ignorant, so irresponsible that we say enough is enough….I mean he had a loaded magazine in his pocket at a party where stuff gets out of control and people drink.
What is so stupid, ignorant and irresponsible about having a loaded mag at a party? I bet the cops that took his rifles had loaded mags, in fact I bet they had loaded guns at the same party.

Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
I am just asking, are there any limits to our support, because I think this one may be getting close to that edge,,,,
How is it getting close to the edge? From what I understand there is no reason to think he broke any laws. If you don't support people exercising their 2A rights in accordance with the law, how can you say you support the 2A?
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