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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
I mean, supporting the really stupid actions of this guy just because he is a gun owner is like supporting someone who goes running into a cross walk when they just know that traffic is too close to stop. Hey, they had the “right of way”, right! Nothing they did could be considered wrong right…I mean…They had the right away,,,,screw common sense, screw good judgment….THEY HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY…They could do no wrong!!!

Blind loyalty is not always a good thing.
There is definitely too much blind loyalty around here, but not in this case. The guy might have been a dumbass, but so far as we know he broke no law. That is the point.

You know, Randy Weaver was supposed to be a petty unpleasant guy, too. I'm still angry his family was murdered, though.

Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
My point is, Is there anything we won't defend? Is there any point where we draw a line? Is blind devotion the best course?
Illegal or negligent behavior.
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