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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
Second hand information is impossible to avoid. The press release on the event is second hand information as well, yet we don't doubt the source or its content. I am sure the police would have liked to have painted the seizure as reasonable action to deal with a drunk, crazy, punk kid. Those details are conspicuously absent. The 'suspect' wasn't arrested, let alone booked, so we can reasonably deduce that there is no criminal conduct being alleged here.

The records you want do not exist, because they let him go. It would be easier for you to find someone with boots on the ground who witnessed the event.

I am begining to long for the days where we are innocent until being proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt- instead of the other way around.
Yes sir, but nowadays the government arrests and tries property as if it were separate from its' owner. Not saying that's the case here, but I'll be waiting for some official release
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