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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
Competetion Kyokushin doesn't allow punches to the head because they don't use ANY padding. Full on head kicks are fine as well as full contact to the body with hands or feet. If you think that seems wimpy then you should try it sometime. I have no idea what this hail mary kick you are talking about, but hey, I only got to Nidan, maybe it's more advanced?
Here, go to the 0:30 mark and the 1:04 mark and you'll see what I mean. I seen that technique used enough that I know it's not just a fluke, but rather, something in the normal repertoire of techniques.

I know there are no head punching because of the bare hands, but if you don't learn it or don't learn to defend against it, do you think it will just come naturally in a street fight when there are no rules?

How often are you going to do head kicks in a street fight or LE encounter?

As for wimpy... no, I am not trained to be a competition fighter and I won't get into an internet pissing match, which is not the intent of this thread.

But honestly, do you really think this is useful for LE?

Going toe to toe and punching and kicking the crap out of a suspect in a close stand up fight? Really? How will that work out in an arrest situation?
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