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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
Getting back on track....

I think that this is where we as a community can fail ourselves. Leaping to the support of someone who's judgment is so flawed, their actions are so stupid and the decisions they make are so selfish that they don't deserve our support.

People here all the time jump on any LEO who says "let the facts come out" or "give him the benefit of the doubt" when a LEO does something, but think nothing of leaping to this guys support.

How is that much different?

I mean, supporting the really stupid actions of this guy just because he is a gun owner is like supporting someone who goes running into a cross walk when they just know that traffic is too close to stop. Hey, they had the “right of way”, right! Nothing they did could be considered wrong right…I mean…They had the right away,,,,screw common sense, screw good judgment….THEY HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY…They could do no wrong!!!

Blind loyalty is not always a good thing.
So you don't have a problem with cops violating civil rights just because you don't necessarily agree with exercising those rights?
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