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Originally Posted by Russ Florian View Post

My virgin Remington 870 synthetic Express with ext. mag !
I havn't noticed this configuration in any shop or catalog.
I love exerything about it. Some people hate that forend. The forend fits my hand so perfectly on both sides. Notice how far back I can comfortly hold it. And when you quickly grab for it your hand just slides into place,no hangups or snags. The Mag holds 8 so that's going to be great for using the 4X4 shell holders (8 shells in a holder as big as your palm) for reloading. So I found out the mag tip I have is recessed to hold a bayonet!?*
Should I get one, or just weld a holesaw to that tip?
This will be used for Home Defence and Targets. I want something on the front that I could ram into walls, doors, heads, or hit the ground and not damage the barrel. Also thinking of a light and I found the cleanest tightest to the barrel clamp made by ; It's the MOD-C and the FAB 1" defence speedlight makes a perfect fit. Best clamps I've seen anywhere.
I'm going to put the Supercell pad on the butt , why beat myself up?
Well that's my baby, I think I'll go dry practice. I feel like a kid on X-Mas.
whats up with that tree? looks more dangerous than the shotgun -_- jk
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