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I just want to put out there, if you have been waiting way too long, have heard nothing about your claim for months or are just lost, please contact your local CA County Veterans Service Officer for your county. Some places have more than one.

If you plan to start a new claim or need an 'insider' to get an inquiry a little better than what the 1 800 number can give you, they are very useful people to talk to. With services at the county and state level being cut everywhere, do not be afraid to use the service they provide. We certainly dont want to lose it.
I know the one in Humboldt County here resides at our court house and I need to take off work to get in during their hours but it is absolutely nessesary to use them to get results sometimes. Ours is 100% walk in with no appointments, so be ready to wait. But like I said it is important. If I hadnt of consulted with my local VSO 4 months after getting out, I wouldnt have known my claim was completely derailed and needed to use them to get that message to the proper people to prevent my claim from getting delayed further. The VSO's have access to the system that the regular joe does not have and can light fires under peoples asses to get stuff done, as was nessesary in my situation.
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