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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
I don't disagree that the Legislature doesn't fear the gun lobby; however, I seek to evolve the gun lobby. We don't have the benefit of a magic 8 ball and there's no way to know how our evolution will positively affect California gun politics in the next decade. One thing is for certain, however, and that's the "same old same old" gun lobby methods are nearly useless.
If you want to evolve the gun lobby into something more effective, I'd suggest modeling it around those of the latino lobby, the immigration lobby, the illegal alien lobby, or the gay/trans etc lobby. They seem to have the attention of the voting powers in both houses. For being a stated minority demographic, they seem to get bills passed and vetoed at an astounding rate. I'd place gun owner demographics above some, but not all of those in number, but certainly receiving a whole lot less respect from the legislature.
Unfortunately, one component of that would be importing more gun friendly voters into this state, and that is a non-starter since we cannot bribe them here.

If our only real and consistent play is defensive, then lets build a better defense.
I'm not against building defenses at all. Since gun law infractions are inherently penal in nature, that needs to be a significant portion of the battle.
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