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I never claimed it was the sole reason; I pointed out that a significant portion of the assembly appropriations committee analysis of opposition/issues centered on and our arguments.

I don't mean to be snide, but frankly it's the committee's own records vs. your conjecture.

We killed it completely this year, and are ready to fight any future attempts to resurrect it. If you'd like to be a part of that effort, please follow the link in my signature and sign upfor CGF grassroots efforts. I'll put you to good use.

We made a popular gun control bill politically toxic enough a Democrat committee chair killed it without a hearing. Call that what you will, but the common word is "winning".

Brandon, help me out here....wasn't there an interview or statement from Mike Gatto re SB249/CGF/et al?

Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola View Post
I wouldn't count on that being the entire reasoning that 249 was defeated. Actually it wasn't totally defeated because it only got shut down in a committee. With this being an election year, and with a ballot replete with gratuitous tax measures for the wanting legislature, many of his senate colleagues may have been encouraging him to wait until next year, after they don't have as much at stake, and after they might pick up a bigger majority in the senate, and after they no longer have to worry that people angry over gun control might just be more apt to vote no on tax increases too.
Sure they're afraid of the gun lobby, but only as an irritating component of their constituency. Not necessarily a pivotal one all the time, and not even where it concerns gun legislation only, 'cause they been a 'passin' that all the time.

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