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Originally Posted by drewXD/G23 View Post
Just has to stay in the LEO's name for 30 days.....
I wish it were that simple, but there is no mandated time nor is there a common 'rule of thumb'. It's undefined, so a bit of a risk; all we can guess is 'longer ownership is less likely to raise questions'.

Do recall that there was a bill introduced this year (that failed) that would have prohibited LEO from reselling off-Roster guns to other CA residents who were not also Roster-exempt.

In my opinion, if the only issue were to be how long one must own a gun before selling it, 'two years' is the absolute safe point - that or longer should never raise an issue.

That is obviously extremely conservative; maybe some other potential seller is comfortable at six months.

I further hold the opinion that 1 month or less is always going to be perilous.

But that's just opinion.
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