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Originally Posted by HowardW56 View Post
Nice... The Calguns Foundation is doing all that they can about laws that were enacted prior to their formation. The effort to stop SB249 was the first real venture into the legislative arena, and that was a success.

What do you expect? Sorry they aren't going fast enough to suit you, the courts move at their own pace, and we've only had the Second Amendment in California since June of 2010.
No need at all to be sorry just please show me where I blamed CGF or the NRA or any other gun rights group for this and all will be good.

Just because I don't like how slow or none existent the movement is doesn't mean I blame the people working for the gun community nor that I don't appreciate what they are doing. I just realized that there are two definitions of winning and mine isn't even close to theirs. Now I can slink off and go "cry in my beer" and you all can just keep "WINNING".
Tomís right, and the right of any other citizen, to arm himself should not be subject to approval by a civil servant who will not be present to protect them.
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