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Originally Posted by peppermintman View Post
I seen a few AK's using that grip wrap or fin whatever it's called and I just don't understaknd why? I like holding the pistol grip and with that fin or wrap you cannot. I have a sporter and it's tuff enough to get a good hold on the rifle. But shooting open handed with the wrap or fin I just don't understand.
Maybe you guys can tell me why some like them and others don't.
I don't.
Tough to get a grip on a "sporter" rifle?

Is this you?

I guess you mean sporter saiga, those are indeed crappy for getting a grip but that's why you convert them... The thing is though, even with a grip wrap over a standard AK pistol grip, you have a better grip than the crappy way saigas come in their sporter config. As far as why? Changing magazines without fumbling with tools and such is a bit easier(of course there's also the benefit of being able to use high cap magazines if you've got them as well).
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