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Originally Posted by Carnivore View Post
OOPS...sorry I forgot, for those of us that are not in the "KNOW" the possibility of getting something back 30 years from now that we lost 24 years ago is "WINNING". Sorry I retract my previous statement, clearly I can not see the forest for all the trees.
Nice... The Calguns Foundation is doing all that they can about laws that were enacted prior to their formation. The effort to stop SB249 was the first real venture into the legislative arena, and that was a success.

What do you expect? Sorry they aren't going fast enough to suit you, the courts move at their own pace, and we've only had the Second Amendment in California since June of 2010.

Prior to formally incorporating, basically operating as individuals they accomplished quite a bit: Since March 2008 ( Which was still before Heller in June 2008) they have:

CGF Successes (2008-Present) [This list needs an update, there are more successes or pending cases...]
CGF Projects Underway:
  • Peņa - Handgun Roster is Unconstitutional: Peņa v. Cid
  • Richards v. Sheriff Ed Prieto, County of Yolo
  • Teixeira v. County of Alameda FFL dealers zoning
  • Silvester v. Kamala Harris, 10 day waiting period
  • CGF v. County of San Mateo, firerarm carry ban in parks
  • Scocca v. Sheriff Laurie Smith, County of Santa Clara, LTC policy
  • Richards v. Kamala Harris, AW Ban unconstitutionally vague
  • Lu v. Sheriff Lee Baca, County of Los Angeles, LTC policy
  • Rossow v. Sheriff Mark Pazin, County of Merced LTC policy
  • Peterson - Partial funding of Peterson v. LaCabe, (right to carry/travel):
  • OOIDA - AB962 (ammo ban) is pre-empted by Federal law: OOIDA_v._Lindley
  • Min. Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program for firearms issues:
  • Inquiries into Livermore PD UOC policy (ongoing):
  • Challenged DOJ rulemaking on DROS fees, demanded audit:
  • Several undisclosed legal and grassroots actions.
This is all being accomplished without any paid staff, the only people getting paid are lawyers.

What do you expect?


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