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Originally Posted by Fixmy59bug View Post
If I may be so bold,

I noticed a couple of things that upset me as a citizen of these great United States.

During the national anthem, there was one gentleman in the middle of the pack who did not remove his cap. It was black camouflage.

Also, I feel bad for the lady who was singing the national anthem as a coughing fit can happen to anyone. I am a little upset, however, that a few of the words were incorrect.

I am thankful to all those who volunteered their time to make this event happen.

And I would also like to think the gentleman on the pistol range who loaned a set of his eyes to my friend when the RSO pointed out they were required.

Overall, I think from a participant point of view it was a great success and I look forward to the next one.

I hope there were injuries no worse than the hot brass bouncing off my head and the bruised shoulder.
Exactly what was on my mind. I still can't believe I forgot eye pro. Total rookie status. All I can say is the whole shooting someone else's target was bound to happen. I had a great time regardless at the pistol range. About 300 rounds through my new beretta. Plus I finally got to shoot Rob's 40 with the right encouragement.