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That is a great story and it happens all the time. The old "rear-end collision" routine happens more than people would think. Good for you, being ready to defend yourself MissKitty. Keeping your window up enough so he cannot reach in was very smmart. This is an example of why I support open carry. There would be a lot less innocent victims if veryone was carrying.

The only gripe I have is, you were too polite This goes especially for women; Never hesitate to be a complete a--hole if you feel you are about to be victimized in some way. You don't have to call the jerk names, but there is nothing wrong with yelling at him like you mean business and yelling "GET F--- AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW!" followed by, "DON'T YOU LISTEN? I SAID GET THE H3LL AWAY FROM ME! GO WAIT IN YOUR CAR....I ALREADY CALLED THE POLICE!" You would be amazed at what effect that has on some folks. First they may be shocked at your aggressive demeanor, but also they may feel it is not worth the hassle. It doesn't always work, but it often does.

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