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So... the last two games were buggy for me. The last game had a part where I went to one of the transit tunnels too soon, so it glitched me and made me start my game over from scratch. I got pissed and started playing Mass Effect instead.

The newest game screwed me when you get to the part with the barrels you have to shoot to show you rifle shooting. I chose to snipe a guy on top of the wall. For some reason it decided that I was incapable of moving, wouldn't let me reload, wouldn't let me shoot, wouldn't let me pick up another rifle... basically stuck. I was fortunately able to start from the beginning of the memory this time, but I have to tell you... it was a real pisser. I still haven't gotten very far. I may be getting to old to play these games. I just don't have the focus.

And Halo comes out this week, so...
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