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Originally Posted by pottymouth310 View Post
Wow.... cool thanks Mike, I'll try that. thanks for the info.
I also notice alot of people talk highly about Hodgdon powder, what do you guys think? I'm thinking of trying it. Do you know anywhere in SoCal that sell Hodgdon? Or any place that has a good selection of powered and primer? the hazmat fee they charge when you buy online is just ridiculous...
Hodgdon gets most of my powder money for rifle and pistol. Their "extreme" powders are more consistent velocity and pressure wise than than many other extruded and ball type powders. I shoot Palma winter and summer in probably a 90 degree temperature spread and have no pressure problems with what Hodgdon calls a max load. I believe the Reloading Store at the Angeles Range has Hodgdon in stock; while I buy bulk powder online, I get my pound cans (pistol) at Angeles. Find a three other shooters and each go in for an right pound jug; five bucks worth of hazmat per jug.

it's 0309 and still raining...
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