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Originally Posted by Japedo View Post
I've been a fan of the series, the combat system has been the weak link in all of them. After the first one, it was tightened up and smoothed out. Part 3 feels horrible (playing on xbox) I can't play it more than a few battle sequences and I have to turn it off. It's kinda a shame I was able to play the others for hours on end. I've been nothing short of frustrated with the buggy feel of it.
I totally agree with the combat part. It suck in this game. In the other games. When you countered. You actually countered with a move. This game when you counter. You just deflect attacks. The gameplay to cut scenes aren't smoothed at all. During missios. It seems the game works against you and tries to make you lose. Like your player won't run right away when you make him. Or horses act difficult during missions but not free Rome. During some missions they had strange glitches making it even harder to beat.
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