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All I have to say is "totality of the circumstances" 95% of the time I will not ask if there are guns in the car. Unless you have Remington/Winchester/magpul/bcm...etc stickers on your car, are wearing camo, have hunting/shooting gear or seem like someone who would be armed. Even at that if you say, "yes I have_________ guns in my car" I will probably ask two questions. Are they loaded? Are they in a locked container away from the cab?

Ill run you, make sure you aren't a murder suspect, have warrants, are on parole or probation. Then do my paperwork and send you on your way, I might inspect I might not. Just because I can doesn't mean I do 100% of the time. It's not the end of the world, we aren't going to take your guns away and lock you up. Unless you earn it, it's really that simple.

Advice: laminate and carry the AW flow chart with your rifle. I printed them and laminated a bunch of copies for the guys I work with. Stuff like that goes a long way.

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