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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
I see. So given the history of violence at this location you wouldnt want anyone but police or military armed there?

It is more beneficial to demand that the police follow the law than to establish precedent that they can avoid litigation by handing over wrongfully seized property with a pat on the back and a 'sorry for the trouble'.
open carry in most cases is not a deterrent.

as to how effective that person could bring the weapon into a fight- have you ever tried doing a fast mag change with a BB AR? one where the weapon was slung and not in your hands and ready to go?

the standards for shooting someone is if they are a threat within 25ft. Do you think you could beat someone rushing you at that distance?

I get the 2A angle, but I think there was an big lack of good judgement in this particular incident. It doesnt help expand gun rights by doing that. Sheeple are terrified of Airsoft guns already....
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