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Originally Posted by GettoPhilosopher View Post
Hm.....let's list all the ways we're winning.....

*You can own an OLL in CA with little fear of being arrested (and know that if you are arrested, CGF will sue every motherf**ker in the room)
*You can use that OLL with a bullet button instead of having to do something stupid like weld the magazine to the receiver.
*You can configure that OLL in a featureless setup with things like grip wraps, MMGs, hammerheads, etc
*You can buy rebuild kits and use them to repair your lawfully possessed pre-2000 magazines, to permanently make 10 rd magazines, or keep them for use out of state
*SB249 was resoundingly defeated by a grassroots coalition
*If you live in Sacramento county, you can now get a LTC with "self-defense" as your good cause
*You have a fundamental enumerated constitutional right to own firearms for lawful purposes, including self defense (Heller)
*That right is incorporated against the states (McDonald)
*You can get off-roster handguns via SSE sales
*You can get AR/AK/etc pistols via SSE + bullet buttons

Woe is me, we must be losing or something!

Shall I go on? :P
LOL. Most of those aren't "winning". They are "complying".
*If it weren't for the CA AWB, there'd be no such thing as an OLL, and all AR-15s/AKs/etc. would be legal to own.
*If it weren't for the CA AWB, there'd be no need for a bullet button, and standard mag releases would be legal on rifles with "evil" features.
*If it weren't for the CA AWB, there'd be no need for magazine rebuilds, and standard cap magazines would be legal to purchase, sell, import, and manufacture. There'd be no such thing as "pre-ban."
*SB249, Sac LTC, Heller & McDonald - I'll give you those.
*If it weren't for the CA roster, we wouldn't have to search around for a FFL that does SSE on the particular firearm we want, and we'd be able to buy whatever handgun we wanted, without modification.
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