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Default 10X fixed for learning ???

Hey, got a few more questions here. I am looking for a learning/budget/value scope. I have been shooting my whole life but never really with scopes. Anyway I am looking for something I can learn with on a LR308. I am really considering a fixed power scope. I shoot a lot but only at 2 ranges. The one closest to my house is 50-200 and the other is up to 400m. So I am assuming 99% of my shooting with this gun will be 100-400m. I am also just getting into reloading so will be playing around W/ different loads. Will a 10X scope be ideal for this type of shooting (I donít hunt)? My only real want as of now is mil/mil. My budget is >$400 W/rings. I have been looking at the SWFA SS10X42($300). Do you guys think this would be a good budget/quality compromise based on the type of shooting I plan to do? Would you suggest I go another route?

Also, any ideas on good value rings? I honestly havenít even looked yet.
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