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Originally Posted by GettoPhilosopher View Post
Hm.....let's list all the ways we're winning.....

*You can own an OLL in CA with little fear of being arrested (and know that if you are arrested, CGF will sue every motherf**ker in the room)
*You can use that OLL with a bullet button instead of having to do something stupid like weld the magazine to the receiver.
*You can configure that OLL in a featureless setup with things like grip wraps, MMGs, hammerheads, etc
*You can buy rebuild kits and use them to repair your lawfully possessed pre-2000 magazines, to permanently make 10 rd magazines, or keep them for use out of state
*SB249 was resoundingly defeated by a grassroots coalition
*If you live in Sacramento county, you can now get a LTC with "self-defense" as your good cause
*You have a fundamental enumerated constitutional right to own firearms for lawful purposes, including self defense (Heller)
*That right is incorporated against the states (McDonald)
*You can get off-roster handguns via SSE sales
*You can get AR/AK/etc pistols via SSE + bullet buttons

Woe is me, we must be losing or something!

Shall I go on? :P
Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
To those myopic few who think this is about open carry, broaden your horizons and read Amend 4.

CGN needs a LIKE button next to the Quote button.....
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