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Originally Posted by OpticsPlanet View Post
I would also take a look at Kahles. They stoped by the shop a few months ago and i was highly impressed with their new options. Take a look at their K312:
For a little bit more $ i would also recommend the K16:
These scopes have S&B quality glass and excellent eye relief properties. Pretty much if you can get your eye in the vicinity of the ocular, you can sight through it. Great for quick target acquisition! The 12x on the high end of the K312 will help with smaller critters.

Chase B.
Hello Chase,

I have been in love with Kahles ever since I looked through one. They are just out of my price range, and since my wife is also a shooter, it's become a double edged sword. She's into shooting, and loves to hear about new projects... surprising enough, she actually supports me spending money wisely on gun stuff. Unfortunately, she's set somewhat of a budget for the glass on this particular build, and is more than capable of looking up pricing on stuff now. If it were only a few hundred cheaper, I would be all over them.

The inconvenience of poor quality lingers long after the thrill of a good bargain.
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