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Originally Posted by flipdiver View Post
i'm on the same route right now. Getting my one year experience and finishing up my bachelors to get in the ANC. Served 4 years enlisted and wanted to continue in the reserves. Can anyone give me a summary of what you guys did after contacting your recruiter. They won't even give me the time of the day right now to discuss what happens throughout the whole process.

The process was complicated and took about 8 months. It involved a 65 page application, background check, credit checks, 3 professional (nursing, not MD or other medical person) references, transcripts from an accredited school, licenses and certification verification, etc. If your going for an additional skill identifier you'll need more documentation such as verification of hours worked in clinical specialty, and a skills checklist signed by your manager. I am an ER nurse, 66HM5. There are other specialties such as critical care, etc. If you've been out for a long time you might have to go to MEPS again, if not you'll still need medical clearance. Then all your info goes to the monthly nurse review board. I'm a reservist so active duty might be slightly different.
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