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Originally Posted by kouye View Post
In my case an FN Mauser, originally chambered for .30-06 then rechambered/barreled for 7.62 NATO. Fails with a .308 Field gauge.

As I understand it a military 7.26NATO chamber is deeper than a commercial .308 and that may be the reason for failure.

Max .308Win/7.62 NATO is .010" over .308 Win minimum. You may be OK just need to check with the appropriate gage, 7.62 field (which is .308 min + .010"). .308 field is .308 min +.008". It would be nice if your chamber was tighter, but it is not unsafe (assuming it passes the NATO field gage). It could even be longer and not be “unsafe” (meaning you will not get head separations on new ammo), but that is another topic. Brass life will suffer, and it might be less accurate than a tighter gun. The good news it will take any ammo you can throw in it, along with a shovelful of dirt. It might be wise to check the bolt and receiver for signs of setback and lug seating, in case it was barreled correctly and something happened top it before you got it.
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