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Originally Posted by bohoki View Post
they can un-take it they were just borrowing it
Nope. It was a seizure. Their own press release confirms it.

California Penal Code Section 33800 states:

(a) When a firearm is taken into custody by a law enforcement officer, the officer shall issue the person who possessed the firearm a receipt describing the firearm, and listing any serial number or other identification on the firearm.
(b) The receipt shall indicate where the firearm may be recovered, any applicable time limit for recovery, and the date after which the owner or possessor may recover the firearm pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 33850).
Section 33850:
Any person who claims title to any firearm that is in the custody or control of a court or law enforcement agency and who wishes to have the firearm returned shall make application for a determination by the Department of Justice as to whether the applicant is eligible to possess a firearm.
Section 33855:
No law enforcement agency or court that has taken custody of any firearm may return the firearm to any individual unless the following requirements are satisfied [].
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