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Default email from oaktree about wolf ammo

Thank you for your inquiry about our new rifle services.

Our new Canyon Rifle Range is 100 yards, and is located at the furthest left end of our property (past the skeet fields). This range is open Wednesday - Sunday (during our regular hours - including evenings).

The daily price for this range is $20 (and it includes use of the entire pistol facility) for the entire day. If you are a Pistol Range member, your admission is included, so you just need to show your card upon check-in.

To answer your questions about ammo (steel core, bi-metal jacketed, etc.), we no longer allow any ammunition that would not pass a magnetic test. This is the case for all customers, at all locations on our property.

At one point, we would allow this type of ammo to be shot at our Pistol Bay#1 - because very few customers shot this type of ammo, and the range is located very close to our water truck and fire hydrant (so we would be able to extinguish a fire quickly if one were to occur).

Our new Canyon Range is in a remote area of the property, and if a fire were to occur it could be a potential disaster.

Any steel component (regardless of the core component) could cause a fire, so we have elected to prohibit use of all steel ammo (steel core, bi-metal, etc.).

I currently do not know of any local ranges that allow steel ammo, but if you know of a place, please let me know so that we can refer our customers.

We do sell ammo with steel components, even though we do not allow it to be shot at our facility. We have considered removing this merchandise from our store, however have decided not to because some customers do purchase this to shoot elsewhere.

I appreciate you sending this inquiry so that we are able to address your concerns directly. We value all of our customers opinions and work hard to provide the best shooting experience, but unfortunately we have restrictions that we have to implement in order to keep the facililty safe (in this case - free from fire hazards).

If I can assist you with any other questions you may have, please contact me directly (661) 373-4658.


Betsy James
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