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Open Carry is my preferred method. The firearm that can be concealed is often smaller, harder to aim and follow up with, and of a lower powered caliber. For women this often means taking a further disadvantage with smaller hands and usually less strength the larger recoil of the smaller handgun puts them at a disadvantage.

Further, finding a place to conceal on a lady comfortably requires creativity and luck. There are not many lady friendly holsters and gear.

From a man's standpoint, open carry is honest carry. Honest men carry openly, it is the criminal who hides his intent. There is a huge following on this board that is absolutely convinced that the criminals will take your gun from you. I have been able to find one documented incident and it was a weapon not in a retention holder being carried partially concealed (ha it isnt open carry after all but failed concealed) by someone who had no situational awareness.

There might be some risk in OC gun loss in a crowd that is BTB, like at a sporting event or in most cities in the AM.

My wife has had trouble with carry gear, she can't find any holsters that are comfortable. IWB types don't work at the 6 o'clock because she has a caboose. 3 and 9 are out because of hips. The flash bang is a horrible idea, that leaves ankle holsters. She tried on an Drop Leg and loved it, but of course we can only conceal carry, so that does no good.
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