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Originally Posted by Nick22 View Post
Just had a question to LASD deputies. I have been told I can not wear a tie on my jail tour. SO what are some suggestions on what to where. I am leaning towards Black Slacks/Black Long sleeve button up/ black dress shoes for the Jail Tour. For the Ride Along it says to wear comfortable moving shoes, So I am wondering if wearing some black dickie pants with a black polo with some black running shoes or possibly work boots would be appropriate? Any information will be appreciated, I don't want to go to either looking under dressed or like I don't care. My Jail Tour is at MCJ, and my ride along is at Compton.
Wear something professional or semi professional. Slacks or dockers and a button up shirt or nice polo shirt. Be well groomed. You can't go wrong. If you looked like a slob or if you acted unprofessionally, it would not be hard for a deputy to contact your background investigator.

The attire you intend to wear will be just fine.

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