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I've read both sides of the argument, and can see merits in points raised.

My personal experiences from open carrying has been generally good.

Before OC was banned in CA, I did so comfortably while hiking through National Forest lands. Other than a few odd glances from fellow hikers, nobody said anything, nor were there any LEO encounters.

During a recent trip through Utah, I OC everyday and had no issues either. In fact the sight of my holster opened up pleasant conversations with several other people that were intrigued by the sight. This included fellow travelers through the national parks, and a former Border Patrol agent that was working at a bar that I visited. The 1 negative incident was a elderly couple who were muttering under their breath about openly carrying guns. When respectfully inquired about what they were talking about, they clamped up and scurried away.

When I'm home in TX, concealed carry is the order of the day because there is no OC there.

I think this boils down to state of mind though. I'm always on alert while traveling, and keep eyes on everything. I tend to wear subdued clothing with little to no branding or tags, and they are always clean or well kept. I don't fidget with my holster nor put my hand on the grip unnecessarily, and pretty much act like it isn't there. I think this pretty much draws attention away from me, and by extension from my holster.

YMMV, take with grain of salt, my two pences worth, etc.
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