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Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
California rule of thumb concerning knives:

1) If the blade is spring loaded and it designed to flick out unassisted, it is illegal
2) If the blade is 3" or more in length, it is illegal
3) If the blade is double edged, it is illegal
4) If the blade or object is designed as a weapon, not for utility, it is illegal
4) Any other object modified to be used as a stabbing instrument is illegal

With all that said, keep in mind that cities or counties may have municipal ordinances that may cause problems for you too. These ordinances may differ from state law, but can also get you into hot water.

Yes, the items you described affixed to the shoes would all be illegal.
Geebers, is it that bad in the OC?

I agree with #1 ('switchblade' and/or 'gravity knife')
#2 would have to be in county or municipal code.
#3 Only illegal if concealed on the person. Presuming you are implying its a 'fixed blade.' Double Edged has nothing todo with the CA Penal Code. County or City code...maybe.
Both #4s Same as #3
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