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Originally Posted by Mrs Rabbit View Post
I was told 'Command level' letter is required. Being this is Cali, I don't see them handing these out withut showing absolute need. If my little brain remembers correctly, the wording was...... you need letters <3> from law enforcement command lvl, can be prisons etc saying that they are in need of a new supplier/armoror and that they intend to purchase from you pretty much immediately.
Hi Rabbit,

What permit were you trying to get? AW or Machine gun?

I ask, because somewhere in my research I did find a requirement like that for the machine gun permit.... But for obvious reasons, I was under the impression that getting an AW permit was not as difficult, because AW are not NFA weapons.

The SBR, SBS, DD, and MG permits are really in a completely different echelon of weapons since you need ATF's express approval to own them.

This is not the case with AW, in just about any other state they are just another rifle. (as it should be...)

I know of a few FFLs here in CA that have AW permits and use the permits to import "AW" and then make them CA - compliant. But nobody seems to be willing to discuss what it took to get the permit.

Perhaps it's time to hire a lawyer to suss this out. Been planning to do this anyway, but thought we'd move forward with some of our own due diligence first.


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