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Default Border Patrol Question

Last weekend we headed out to our desert cabin and passed through a Border Patrol Checkpoint on a county highway about 20 miles from the Mexican border.

The young patrolman was very polite and professional, no smiling. He asked where were coming from and where we were headed. I answered, then he asked, "Do you have any weapons"

Since I had a clearly marked ammo can of 22 LR and a box containing 250 rounds of 9mm clearly visible in the back of the pickup, I answered, "Yes, I have legally owned weapons? Why do you ask?

His response was "just checking".

Is this standard procedure?

It makes no sense to me- if I were smuggling guns or drugs would I admit it? Are crooks that dumb?

The next day my wife and I went shooting in a wash past the checkpoint and on our return we stopped at the same checkpoint and were asked by the same patrolman where we were coming from. I told him we were shooting in the wash and heading back to our cabin. He did not ask us if we had any weapons.

By the way I don't think we fit any profile- we are in our 60s, white middle class looking people driving a Dodge pickup. But I suppose these days anyone could be smuggling.

At various times we have seen agents at this checkpoint in full body armor with M-4s or shotguns, even a submachine gun of some kind. I don't think they have made any big busts at this checkpoint and I think they send the starting agents there to learn.
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