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Originally Posted by !@#$ View Post
i know it's kind of hard to follow but bare with me i'm posting on rage.[BD]

you guys are saints and it's my fault im not happy with a rusted out upper.

i guess i should pay for shipping because you sent me a rusted out POS. i paid for a new upper. i should have recieved a new upper. i gave you guys a chance to exchange it as you agreed to in your PMs and you send me back the same rusted out POS stating it's not rust and you cleaned it out in 2 minutes. you have not offered to refund my money as i have asked now more than once and you stated you have in your edit below from another post.

please send me a prepaid label and i will be happy to send it back for a refund. i'm not going to pay money to be defrauded.

after 2 attempts it's obvious you have no intention of fixing your mistakes. again please send me a ups label and refund my money.

"Edit by PSA: Wow, just Wow. Thank you for your input. We paid shipping for you to send us back the upper, and then shipped it back to you on our dime. It was inspected when it arrived, found to have packing oil in the extension and barrel, which took less than two minutes to wipe clean, and it was standing tall when it left. We have offered to refund you the full purchase price of the upper if you send it back.

I don't know what else we can do to make you happy, so we will leave it there."

"If your upper is found to be defective it will be replaced. It should not take more than a day once it gets here to inspect send out your replacement."

"All it needs is final inspection from the head of the rifle division which will not take long at all."

i have worked on the pipe side of the oil refinery biz for years. i know rust when i see it and even though i'm no photog the pics show it as well.

you cleaned nothing out. there are large spots of rust. even if it was "packing oil" and it is not you lied about cleaning it out anyway.
here you can see where they tried to remove the rust.

here is when i first got it.

here are a couple more pics of the rust PSA said they cleaned out. they say it's packing oil and not rust and they also have already cleaned it out so it's not really there.[!]

please send me a ups label and refund my money.

please send me a ups label and refund my money.

please send me a ups label and refund my money.

here are links to the back story
Wow, that is Bogus.
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