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I'd have to disagree on that one. According to Websters, The definition of Oppressive includes "unreasonably burdensome or severe"

I'd bet half the people in Santa Ana are lucky to bring home $500 in a week. When you're fined $500 for rolling through a red light with a clear view of no oncoming traffic for hundreds of yards........that can make the difference of being able to pay the rent and feed the kids. I'd say that's oppressive. Should a ticket be issued? No question. But the old adage, "The punishment should fit the crime" comes to mind.

Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
Well to be fair, the vehicle code does say you must come to a complete stop. When I got my red light camera ticket, I rolled through at 5 mph also.....and the light had been red for only .35 of a second. Did that feel ****ty? Yes.

It isn't oppressive. "The Man" is not trying to keep you down. :-P

It is aggressive enforcement.
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